Seng Colored Stone Jewelry

We specialize in ideally proportioned diamonds and beautiful colored gemstones from around the world. Rubies from the Burma and Thailand area; emeralds from Colombia and Zambia; Sapphires from Burma, Sri Lanka, and Kashmir; and other fine gems from East Africa and South America.


Seng Jewelers is Louisville's number one source for high end sapphire engagement rings, sapphire jewelry, ruby jewelry, emerald jewelry, tsavorite jewelry, demantoid jewelry, garnet jewelry, opal jewelry, black opal jewelry, spinel jewelry, tourmaline jewelry, aquamarine jewelry, topaz jewelry, amethyst jewelry, and more.  If there is a particular stone that you've been looking for, contact Seng Jewelers.


To learn more about colored stones, visit our colored stone consumer information page.

Seng Jewelers, Downtown Louisville, KY

Hours, 10:00 - 5:15, Tuesday - Saturday

Phone: 502-585-5109



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453 S. Fourth Street • Louisville, KY 40202


Seng Jewelers is Louisville's number one source for Ultimate Cut Diamond Engagement Rings.  Choose the finest, choose the Seng Firey Diamond™

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